The Queen in the Ice

from by Edellom



Then came the days when shattered moons
Have swept the gray and dying earth
With the morose light of bygone days
And wonder went out of the minds of men

When concrete hulks reared to a sky
As ashen-gray and cold
As the hearts and minds of those who beheld
And dreams of sun and bliss were made no more

I left a half-life done in darkness
I've made my world anew
Carved in profoundest South's blue ice
My own imitation of life

And here I reigned supreme, alone
The queen of ice, of shivering cold
With sky and sea and ice of blue
No life to care, no love or dew

And countless eons came and went
The cities gone, the smokestacks dead
The skies cleared, the memories fade
A new race of Man went on the earth

And in my ice, my ice of old
As dead and gone as my heart, as cold
And I sit still upon my throne
And I'll be, I'll be alone


from Long Lost Suns, released February 23, 2016
Bass: David Nardya
Vocals: Maria Raven
Guitars: Omnius D'Worgen
Guitars: Alexander Vanyashkin
Drums: Saar Hasson
Lyrics: Omnius D'Worgen



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Edellom Israel

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